About me


Born in Prague. After graduating from FAMU – in art photography, he became involved in advertising photography, while at the same time devoting himself to his own work, specialising in photographs of nudes, landscapes and still-lifes. He later established an advertising agency and began to work in film advertising.

Since 2001 he has solely focused on his own photographic work and his artistic output uses old photographic techniques, wooden bellows cameras dating from the end of the 19th century and negative formats ranging from 24x30cm to 30x40cm, fitted with the original, primitive lenses. His subject-matter consists of stylised still-lifes and portraits. When shooting, he deliberately uses low light intensity and an exposure time of from 1 up to around 20 hours.

Lately he has also been focusing on experimental colour photographs of human figures and faces, as well as a totally new project, We, the People, mapping the brutality of current conflicts with a digital camera.

The uniqueness of the author’s work consists, among other things, of the fact that he is one of the few photographers to use original large-format cameras for his work, with direct contact with the negative on coloured photographic paper, and that he is probably the first photographer to use the Internet and the range of freely available photographic shots and videos contained in this medium for his digital creation. The method he uses consists of removing a selected still from a video, or a selected photograph from the monitor using an analogue camera on an inverse colour film, before projecting it onto selected objects, shapes and structures. The result of this projection is then recorded on a digital camera. The final photograph is not digitally modified in any way. He has been using this technique since 2009 and has already created a number of separate projects, such as Other Faces of Serial Killers,  Other Faces and Other Characters, as well as the We, the People project already mentioned above.

His classic black and white contacts include a number of separate cycles, such as Glass Secrets, Close Objects, Feathers, Slightly Different Fauna, Portraits of Close Encounters, and others.